Non Slip Floral Lace Socks


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These socks are lightweight, giving you the layer you need without adding any extra bulk. Breathable 80% cotton / 20% spandex No-slip design - Silicone lining inside and on the sole Plenty of stretches - will comfortably fit sizes 5-10 Floral Lace Design

Care Guide

For Apparel:

* Machine wash cold or low temperature

* Do not bleach

* Tumble dry on low

* Hang dry for extra care

* Steam or iron on low heat

For Shoes:

* Use a soft cloth and a little lukewarm water to clean after use

* If necessary, use a small amount of mild soap

* Carefully wipe off residue with a damp cloth

For Jewelry:

* Avoid from getting wet. Keep away from moisture to retain quality

* Avoid contact with perfume

* Remove before sleeping

* Clean and polish with soft cloth